March Mat-ness Challenge Day 30

Push Up

Pilates Push Ups are slightly different from regular push ups in that you add a roll down to the mat and you stand all the way back up when you are done.  It is a great way to take your push ups to the next level!

Start standing, looking straight ahead with a neutral spine.  On your inhale, nod your chin and begin to roll down letting your arms hang by your sides.  Try to get your hands to the mat – you may need to bend your knees.  Once your hands are on the mat, exhale and walk them away from your feet in four counts until you are in a plank position.  Now, if you cannot perform push ups in a plank position on your feet – no worries!  Just place your knees down on the mat for a modified push up.  Perform 3-5 push ups, inhaling as you bend your elbows and exhaling as you push up.  Then if your knees are down pick them up off the mat.  Inhale and walk your hands back towards your feet in four counts.  (Again, you may need to bend your knees if the stretch in your legs is too tight.) Once your hands are close to your feet, pull you belly button towards your spine and exhale as you roll all the way up to a standing position.



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