March Mat-ness Challenge Day 28


The Seal is a fun exercise!  Much like Rolling Like a Ball, you will strengthen your abdominals and give yourself a back massage.  Who doesn’t want that?  The thing that makes Seal fun, is that you tap your feet together like a seal as you roll back and forth.

To begin, start in a seated position with your weight behind your sit bones and your spine in a C curve.  Legs will be bent with your knees apart and your feet together.  Your arms will go through your legs and support your feet on the outside of your ankles.

On your inhale, begin to roll back to just the shoulder blades (never roll on to the neck) and tap your feet three times.  Keeping the shape in your spine, exhale and roll back to your starting position and balance.  While balancing, tap your feet together three more times.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.


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