March Mat-ness Challenge Day 24

Teaser Preps and Teaser 1

The Teaser is a famous Pilates exercise probably because it is so hard to do correctly! I’ve broken it down and will be explaining how to do it in stages so if you aren’t strong enough to do the full exercise, you can practice the preps and get stronger.

The best way to do the Teaser if you have never done it before is to do it with your feet on the mat.  So start lying on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the mat.  Your arms will be lifted up over your head, but keep your shoulders stabilized by pulling them down out of your ears.  Also, it is easy to let the ribs pop here, so keep them pulled down as well.  It also helps if you are slightly squeezing your legs together.

On your inhale, start to reach your arms to the ceiling and nod your chin.  On your exhale, reach for your feet and try to sit up.  You won’t end up sitting tall on your sit bones; you’ll be just behind them.  Inhale and bring your arms back by your ears.  Exhale and roll back down to the mat with control.

Now, the next step in this progression would be to do this same thing with one or both legs in table top.  You could start with holding one leg up and doing a few repetitions on each side.  If that seems easy then try both legs in table top.  The next step in the progression would be to roll up with the legs in table top, and then extend the legs after you are all the way up.  Then you would bend the knees again before your rolled back down.

The Teaser 1 exercise is performing the exercise with the legs lifted off the mat and straight at a diagonal.  You want to hold them in a place where you can maintain your back against the mat.  Otherwise, the exercise is performed just as the preps.  You could change it to a 2 breath exercise where you inhale all the way up and exhale all the way down.  This will also make the exercise more challenging.

Pick the version of the exercise that you can perform with the best form and complete 3-5 repetitions.


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