March Mat-ness Challenge Day 23

Spine Stretch Forward

This isn’t what it looks like!  If you were not watching this closely, you would think this is a seated hamstring stretch.  While your hamstrings are getting some stretch, this exercise is actually great for strengthening the abdominals!

Start by sitting tall on your sit bones as if your back was against a wall.  Your legs will be straight and about hip distance apart (if you can sit tall with them straight, otherwise bend them a little), and your arms will be resting inside or outside of your legs – whichever is more comfortable for you.

Start with an inhale holding your starting position.  On your exhale, nod your chin and start to peel your spine away from that imaginary wall you are sitting against.  You don’t want to lean your body forward over your legs; you want to flex your spine and bend “up and over” as if rounding over a beach ball.  Keep your abdominal muscles pull in the whole time!  On your inhale, just hold this flexed forward position.  On the next exhale, slowly start to sit up tall again as if you were placing your spine against that imaginary wall one vertebra at a time.

Perform 3-5 repetitions.


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