March Mat-ness Challenge Day 21

Side Kick

Side Kick is more challenging than it looks!  You have to keep your body still while balancing on your side and your leg is swinging forward and back.  It takes tons of core control!

Start by lying on your side.  Legs should be straight but angled slightly ahead of you so you are in the shape of a hockey stick.  Feet should be flexed.  Your bottom arm will be straight, palm down and your head will be resting on it.  Your top arm should be in front of your body with finger tips on the mat to help stabilize.  Make sure you pull your abs in for support. Lift your top leg so it is hip height.

On your inhale, bring your top leg in front of you and pulse twice with your breath keeping your body still and stationary.

On your exhale, take your top leg behind you, but not so far the your ribs pop forward and your back bends.  You torso should stay still and stationary.  As you take your leg back, squeeze your buns and point your toes.

Perform 8-10 repetitions on each side.


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