March Mat-ness Challenge Day 19

Neck Pull Prep

Today we will be doing the Neck Pull Prep.  The full exercise is quite challenging so we will practice the prep.  It is great for strengthening your abdominals and lengthening your spine.

Start sitting very tall on your sit bones.  Legs will be bent with your feet flat on the mat.  Legs should be shoulder width apart.  Place your hands behind your head, keeping your elbows pointed to the sides and fingers tips lightly touching the head.  Pull your shoulders down and back.

Before you start to move, inhale.  On your exhale, tilt your pelvis back by pulling your belly in and rolling behind your sit bones.  Roll back about half-way.  Keep the abdominals flat and the lower back off the mat. Inhale and hold this position.  On your exhale, pull your abs in more as you fold forward over your legs with a round back until you are back on your sit bones.  On your inhale, start sitting up like your back is against a wall.  You want to feel as if you are placing one vertebra at a time against a wall.  Head should be the last thing up.

Perform 5-8 repetitions.


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