March Mat-ness Challenge Day 14

Roll Over

Get read to have some fun!!!  Today’s exercise is the Roll Over.  This may be challenging at first.  Don’t be discouraged!  You can’t expect to be able to do every exercise perfectly the first time you try them!  If you are unable to perform the exercise at first, practice reverse curls where you lift your hips off the mat instead of lifting your head and shoulders. This will strengthen the abdominals so that you can get stronger to perform the Roll Over.

The starting position is lying on your back with the legs together reaching away from the body on a diagonal as low as the abdominals can be pulled in and flat. Arms will be by your sides on the mat, palms down.  Make sure the shoulders are stabilized by pulling them away from the ears and they maintain contact with the mat.  Head is resting on the mat.

On the inhale, begin to lift the legs up towards the ceiling.  On the exhale, start to roll the back up off the mat one vertebra at a time until the legs are reaching over your head parallel to the mat.  Make sure your weight is into your shoulder blades and not your neck.  Try to lower the legs so that the toes touch the mat without putting your weight on your neck.  This move will be determined by the flexibility in the back of your legs, so don’t try to touch the mat by rolling onto your neck!

On the inhale, lift the legs back to parallel to the mat and take them about shoulder width apart.  On the exhale, begin to roll the back down to the mat with control, reaching the legs out away from the body at the diagonal position your started in.

Perform 6-8 repetitions. For 3-4 of those repetitions, roll over with the legs together and roll down with them shoulder width apart.  For the other 3-4 repetitions, roll over with the legs shoulder width apart, and roll down with them together.

If you can’t complete the roll over as described, practice your reverse curls until you can safely send your legs over and keep the weight of the body on the shoulder blades.  Putting the weight onto the neck is dangerous to the vertebra in the neck.  Always keep the weight of the body over the shoulder blades.


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