March Mat-ness Challenge Day 13

Shoulder Bridge

For this exercise, we will begin lying on our backs with our legs bent and our feet flat on the mat.  Have your feet somewhat close to your body.  Keep your legs in line with your hips.  Arms should be down on the mat, by your sides with your palms down.

Begin with an inhale.  On your exhale, lift your hips off the mat so that your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.  Squeeze your buns so that there is no crease in the front of your hips.

On your next inhale, lift one leg straight up to the ceiling and point your toes.  Make sure both hips maintain their lifted position.  On the exhale, flex your foot and lower the leg as low as you can while keeping the hips in the same lifted position.  The hips should not drop as you lower the leg.  Inhale and lift the leg back up to the ceiling and point the toes.  Repeat the lower lift 2 more times.

On the next exhale, bring the lifted leg back to the mat.  Repeat the series with the other leg.

To finish, inhale and hold the hips up with both feet on the mat.  Exhale and lower the hips back to the mat.

Perform 3-6 repetitions of lowering and lifting each leg.


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