March Mat-ness Challenge Day 12


Today’s exercise, Scissors, is the fourth of the Fabulous Four abdominal exercises.  So once again, it begins lying on your back with your head and shoulders lifted off the mat.  This time your legs will be lifted up and pointing straight up to the ceiling.  Reach your hands towards your ankles.  Keep the abdominals pulled in slightly.

Begin with an inhale.  On the exhale, reach one leg straight down towards the mat, bringing the other leg towards your body. Exhale again and reach the legs straighter and longer in the same position.  Hands should reach towards the ankle of the leg pulling towards the body.  On the next inhale, begin to switch the legs.  Exhale and reach the opposite leg down towards the mat while the other leg reaches towards the body.  Exhale again and reach both legs longer and straighter in the same position.  Continue to switch the legs as you inhale and exhale in the same manner.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.

To finish, inhale and bring both legs up and point them towards the ceiling.  On the exhale, lower the head and shoulders to the mat.


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