March Mat-ness Challenge Day 10


Today we will be doing the second of the Fabulous Four abdominal exercises – Obliques.

The great thing about the Fabulous Four exercises is that you don’t have to change positions for any of them.  You can go from one exercise to the next without stopping!  So this exercise also begins like Single Leg Stretch – lying on your back with your legs in table top (feet off mat legs bent with knees over hips).  Head and shoulders lifted off the mat with hands behind your head.  Let your head rest into your hands.  Keep the elbows pointed to the sides to prevent you from pulling on your head with your arms.  Stabilized the shoulders by pulling them down and back.  Keep the apple sized shape between your chin and chest by looking right above your knees.

Begin by taking a breath in.  On your exhale, reach on leg straight as low as you can keep your abdominals pulled in and flat.  Turn your upper body towards you bent leg.  On the inhale, return your upper body to center and begin to switch legs.  On your exhale, extend the other leg and rotate the upper body towards the bent leg.  Continue switching legs.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.


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