March Mat-ness Challenge Day 9

Single Leg Stretch

Single Leg Stretch is the first in a series of abdominal exercises that are sometimes referred to as the “Fabulous Four”.  These exercises are usually performed in a series which is great for strengthening the abs.

The starting position for this exercise is lying on your back with your head and shoulders lifted up, legs bent with feet in the air (table top position), and hands gently resting on the sides of the calves.

Take a breath in before you begin the movement.  On your exhale, extend one leg taking your outside hand towards the ankle, and the inside hand toward the knee.  On your next inhale, begin switch your hands and leg, and exhale to complete the move.  Again you would inhale to begin switching, and exhale to complete the move.

Keep the abdominal muscles pulled in and flat as if you are pulling them away from your shirt the whole time.  Try to keep tension out of your neck and shoulders by keeping the shoulders pulled away from the ears and the collar bone open.  Eyes should be looking right above the knees to keep the space between the chin and chest as if you are holding an apple there.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.


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