March Mat-ness Challenge Day 8

Rolling Like a Ball

Today’s exercise is a lot of fun!  It will make you feel like a kid again while at the same time strengthen your abdominals and massage your back.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

To begin, sit in a slightly rolled back position with your weight behind your sit bones.  Leg will be bent and feet lifted off the mat, so you are in a balance position.  Hands should rest gently on the top of your shins or even the back of your calves.  Keep a nice round shape to your back – like the Letter “C”.  Engage your abdominal muscles and keep the engagement throughout the exercise.

On your inhale, begin to roll back with control to your shoulder blades.  Do not roll onto your neck.  On your exhale, pulled your abs in even more and roll back up to your balance position.  Try not to use momentum to get you back up or you may go past your balance position and tap your feet to the floor.  Come to the position you started in behind your sit bones.

Keeping the connection with the abdominals is key to keeping control of the exercise.

Perform 8-10 repetitions.

Have fun!


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