March Mat-ness Challenge Day 3

Today we will perform the infamous Hundred.  This is an abdominal endurance exercise similar to the Ab Prep from Day 1, but held for 100 breaths.  See Day 1 for a description of the position for this exercise.

Begin in your Ab Prep position with your head and shoulders lifted up.  Hold your head and shoulders up with your arms reaching by your sides.  You will gently pat your arms by your sides to create a rhythm for your breath.  As you pump your arms, you will inhale for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts all the while keeping your abdominal muscles pulled in and flat.  Do this for 100 breaths.

As a beginner, you will perform this exercise with your legs bent and your feet on the mat.  As you progress, you can move to legs in a table top position.  From there you would progress to keeping the legs in table top for the inhales, and extend the legs away from the body on the exhales.  Finally, you when strong enough to keep the abdominal muscles pulled in the entire time, you could hold your legs in the extended position for the entire exercise.

Don’t progress too quickly!  Make sure your form is correct before moving forward.  If you experience and tension in your neck or shoulders, feet should be down on the mat, and you may lower your head to the mat while continuing the breathing.


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