Take Care of Yourself!


Why is it that we so often put our health needs last?  I think especially as women, we tend to take care of others before we take care of ourselves.  We take our children to their activities.  We provide good meals for the family.  Some are even caring for their elderly parents.  There’s just no time to take care of you.  There’s no time to work out, no time for sleep, and no time for healthy eating.  We cannot let this happen.  We need to make time for ourselves.  We need to take care of our bodies.  Only then will we be better able to care for those we love!


So make time for yourself! Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating healthy, fresh foods, and making time for exercise.  You will have more energy and a better mood, so the care you give your loved ones will be the very best.  When you are feeling overwhelmed, remember that it’s your turn.  Do something small that will lift your mood.  Go to bed early.  Take a bath.  Go for a walk.  There is no reason to feel guilty about doing these things.  These are priorities for you so that you can be the best version of yourself for others as well as for yourself!


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