Michelle’s Whole30 Success Story

img_0461I want to share with you Michelle’s success with Whole30.  She completed her first Whole30 and had amazing results.  Here’s her story:

“I started the whole 30 after talking to Christina who had been on the program for about a week. I had heard about the Whole30 in February 2017 from my massage physiologist in Scottsdale . He had suggested it because he noticed I had so much body inflammation. It was particularly bad in my neck and really throughout my body. When he explained it to me, I replied that it was way way too drastic for me! There would be no way then I could stick to anything that strict.
Christina presented it just offhandedly that she was doing the Whole30.  I didn’t remember that David had suggested this many months prior. My body had been getting so stiff and sore even with physical therapy that I was ready to try anything.
I went into the program whole heartedly and convinced that possibly this could help me. I had to stay focused and I had to stay committed. I did a lot of praying during that time to keep me compliant to the program. Some days are better than others, but I never cheated and I followed the program to a T. I also relied on Christina and some of the recipe she shared with me.

I noticed the first positive effects about day seven. I noticed that my joints in my knees and my hips were pain-free that in itself was a little bonus. When my arthritic neck pain improved, I was ALL IN !!! I began to believe that I truly am what I eat. I didn’t experience a lot of cravings. I was craving meat and that was on the program. I left each meal being satisfied and therefore not snacking like I had before. I just began to have a sense of well-being. As the 30 days were coming to a close, I decided to go to my internist and have a lipid panel and blood panels done. I had just had these exact panels run a few months earlier in May and was just excited to see what a difference the Whole30 made.
My body inflammation had been extremely high… It was 11.3 and normal is less than 3. It was a wonder I could move. The blood panel showed my body inflammation was down to 3.9. My glucose was excellent, my triglycerides were cut in half and my cholesterol was cut in half. My doctor took me off of two medications. I have been on cholesterol medication since I was 33 so I’ve been on cholesterol medication for mote than 33 years. I will be retested in three months.
I was really excited about the results after having completed my first Whole30.  I will be starting another Whole30 with Christina on October 1. The only reason I ever even entertain the fact of trying something that I thought was so outrageously difficult was that I had nothing to lose but my joint inflammation pain and if it didn’t happen – hey, I only lost a month. My numbers improved. My body feels better and I lost 8 pounds! That’s a big win in my book. Hope some of you gals try it… What do you have to lose?”

This goes to show you it can be done and you can have amazing results, too!  For more information, google Whole30.


FitGirl, Inc.


I continue to be impressed by FitGirl, Inc. I don’t even remember how I first heard about FitGirl, but I knew immediately it was something I wanted to support.

What is FitGirl? I took this quote straight from the website:

“The mission of FITGirl, Inc. is to empower young girls as they develop and mature by demonstrating positive lifestyle choices; physical, mental, relational and nutritional.

FITGirl, Inc. was established to provide wellness programs for middle and high school youth in Nebraska.”

It was founded by Cheri Dickmeyer in 2015, and it is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is my pleasure to help by teaching Pilates classes to girls when she needs me.  This fall, I am teaching at 3 different Millard middle schools.  Last year, it was just one, and I’m expecting it to continue to grow.

I encourage you to support FitGirl, Inc.  It is making a huge difference in the lives of many girls!

Visit the website to find out more: http://fitgirlinc.com/