June Client Spotlight


Kim Mandolfo

Q. How long have you been doing Pilates?

A. Since 2012

Q. What is your favorite exercise?

A. It’s very hard to pick one, but I would say using the circle with legs on the reformer is my favorite.

Q. What is your favorite piece of equipment?

A. The reformer using straps.

Q. What other forms of exercise do you regularly participate in?

A. I run.

Q. Tell us about your family.

A. I am divorced with three children. My oldest are twin boys, Mason and Matthew (age 15) and my youngest is my daughter Ella (age 12).

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. I love pasta.

Q. How do you find time for Pilates?

A. I rearrange my work schedule, as much as I can, to find time for Pilates. It’s a priority for me for sure.

Q. What do you think is the biggest benefit of doing Pilates?

A. My biggest benefit from Pilates has been a retreat from stress and finding balance in my hectic life. It is the only form of exercise that I would never miss. I might skip a run or not go to the gym, but going to Christina’s is an essential part of my routine. It is challenging, a great compliment to running, and I feel rejuvenated every time I leave a work out.