March Client Spotlight


Lisa Kemp

Q. How long have you been practicing Pilates?

A. Mind-Body exercise has always been my favorite type of exercise and I’d been practicing yoga for a few years prior to Pilates.  Once I realized that Pilates was a Mind-Body exercise too, I decided to give it a try and became HOOKED.  I’ve been practicing Pilates off and on for nine years.  I started with mat Pilates and moved to the reformer once I discovered I could comfortably lay down and exercise!  I took time off because I thought it was an expense I didn’t need and, thought I’d just walk more and do other calisthenics.   During this time in my 40’s, I found my balance to be changing and after a fall and wrist fracture while ice skating , decided that I needed to get back to an exercise which would strengthen my core.  I’ve been doing Pilates ever since.

Q. What is your favorite exercise?

A.  My favorite exercises are short spine and the standing splits when we zip up our abs.  I love the stretch that short spine gives my whole back and legs.  I love the pulled up and tucked feeling I get when zipping up.

Q. What is your favorite piece of equipment?

A. My favorite piece of equipment is the reformer because who doesn’t want to lay down while they exercise, right?  Seriously though, I feel that the ability to stabilize is easier on the reformer than on the mat.  I also feel the use of the pulleys, the springs, box and platform provides such diversity in exercise that I never become bored.
Q. What other forms of exercise do you regularly participate in?
A. I regularly walk.  I also like to hike, golf, ski and bike ride when weather and time permits.  I’ve found Pilates to help with my strength, stamina and balance when doing these activities.
Q. Tell us about your family.
A. We are a family of four.  We have two daughters ages 14 and 12 in whom we’d like to instill a positive body image and, the love of exercise to stay healthy and have fun throughout life.
Q. What is your favorite food?
A. My favorite food is tortilla chips and salsa preferably with a lime-based drink.

Q. How do you find time for Pilates?
A. I find time for Pilates by regularly scheduling it into my day so that I travel right from work, to the studio, then home.  If I got home at the end of the day and had to go back out, I probably wouldn’t be as much of a regular especially in winter.
Q. What do you think is the biggest benefit of doing Pilates?
A. The biggest benefit of doing Pilates is the total body workout I get and “me time” I create by doing it regularly.

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