Need help reaching those health and fitness goals?  Healthy Habits Coaching is just what you need.  Improve your health and reach your goals with coaching from Christina Diers.  Christina has a masters degree in Health Education and has worked in the fitness field for over 25 years.  She is also a certified Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine.  She can help you set specific, measurable goals and keep you on track to meet those goals.  Healthy Habits Coaching is $150 for a 6 week program.  Included in this program is all of the following:

  • 1 – 45 minute Private Goal Setting Session
  • 4 – 20 minute Check-In Sessions (1/week)
  • 1 – 30 minute Follow-Up Session
  • Private Facebook support group for questions and accountability

Week one, you will get started setting your goals, getting measurements, and setting up your plan for the next 5 weeks with a 45 minute private session.

Each week after that, you will have a 20 minute meeting via phone with Christina to keep you on track, answer questions, and motivate you to keep going.  She will provide you with the information you need to achieve your goals!

The program ends with a 30 minute follow-up meeting to take final measurements and assess your progress.

This program will help you set your goals, keep you on track, and you will become healthier as a result of participating.  Christina will keep you accountable so that you can make behavior changes that will last a lifetime!

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Healthy Habits Coaching

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