January Challenge: 10 Day Sugar Detox


This month’s challenge is the 10 Day Sugar Detox.  This challenge began in 2014 with the release of the documentary Fed Up.  I highly recommend you watch this documentary as it is a real eye opener!  In it, the documentary exposes how the food industry has been adding sugars to our food which is one of the causes of our obesity epidemic.

The 10 Day Sugar Detox challenges you to go sugar free for 10 days!  Give up any food that has added sugar in it, and don’t add sweeteners (even artificial sweeteners) to the food you are eating.  Just eat real foods!  Start reading ingredient labels to see which foods have added sugar in them.  You will be amazed!  There is a long list of names for sugar that you will become familiar with during this process.

When doing this challenge, I ask myself, “Did God put the sugar that is in the food I am eating?”  An example of this would be fruit.  Fruit has sugar in it, but it is a natural sugar and not added.  If it is a natural sugar like that found in fruit, then you can eat it.  If it has been added by you or some other human being, then it’s off limits!

Watch the documentary and join me in this challenge!  You will feel so much better in just 10 days!



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